our core values

Self-love • Authenticity • Simple Luxury

The Motivation

When I founded Butterscotch Skyn in 2021, I wanted to provide a simple solution for natural and quality skin care that is all inclusive for everyday people. Our skin is the most visible part of who we are and how we care for it determines how we present ourselves to the world. As a busy career woman juggling work, family and travel and life, I often found it difficult to find the right skin care regimen that worked for me. It was either too expensive, ineffective or caused negative reactions which dried and at times scarred my skin. This led me to research and cultivate formulations that nourished, hydrated and improved the skin through all natural botanicals, vitamins and minerals.

The Inspiration

Love is a universal emotion that we all have in common no matter who we are or where we come from. The name Butterscotch Skyn was inspired by this love. As a child, my grandmother would affectionately refer to me as “Butterscotch” to describe my obsession with this luscious confectionery treat and to highlight my sun-kissed complexion after a day out playing in the sun. Her words in those moments not only made me feel loved but assured me that I was genuinely beautiful just as I am. It is this feeling of self-love and authenticity that I want to cultivate through my products.

The Dedication

My goal is to serve real people who are passionate about self-care and embracing their own genuineness and natural beauty. Butterscotch Skyn is the embodiment of quality and it is laced throughout all of our skincare products and passed on to you. Our natural skin care products are specifically designed with you and your daily ritual in mind. Smooth and flawless skin can be yours.

Butterscotch Skyn offers a level of quality and results that are desired by consumers with the highest of standards, just like you.

Roshunda Martin, Founder

Hello Butterscotch Babes. I’m Roshunda Martin but you can call me Ro. I am not an influencer, celebrity, or beauty expert. I am an everyday career woman in the cybersecurity field with a passion for skincare. I am often very busy traveling with a hectic schedule while juggling family, friends, and personal priorities. I established Butterscotch Skyn in 2021 in response to a personal need and desire to cultivate quality natural skin care products that improves and maintains skin clarity, tone, and elasticity. I am dedicated to self-care and Butterscotch Skyn products reflect the level of quality that I uphold in my daily life.